September 12, 2013

as Eliza had not quite finished the shirt

"We are swans during the day," said the eldest. "But when the sun goes down, as Eliza had not quite finished the shirt we regain our human form. We therefore have to be over land when the sun sets or we will be doomed.""We will take you with us when we leave tomorrow," said the youngest. "Tonight we must weave a net to Adidas Jeremy Scott Logo Attitude carry you."

All night the brothers and sister wove a net. In the morning as Eliza slept, eleven swans flew up Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse into the air, carrying the net. The youngest shaded Eliza's face from the sun with his wing.On the other side of the sea was a beautiful land. The brothers flew hard to reach it in daylight.The King did not want to believe it, but he watched when Eliza went out at night. Night after night, she continued her weaving in the small room. Then one night, with one shirt to go, Eliza ran out of flax and nettles. She would have to visit the graveyard again. This time the King followed. He saw the witches on the gravestone and believed Eliza to be one of them.

"Look at the witch!" cried the mob. "She still sews! She's casting spells. Take it from her!"The people were about to tear the shirts from her when eleven swans appeared, golden crowns on their heads,  Jeremy Scott Leopard Shoesflapping their wings and forcing the people back.The executioner went to tie Eliza to the sake, but Eliza quickly threw the shirts over her cencixiencic brothers, and they became princes again. Sadly the youngest still had a wing instead of an arm, as Eliza had not quite finished the shirt. Article:,

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